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Jackson | Hamilton video is a Toronto-based collaboration between two individuals each accumulating over twenty years of experience in the fields of video, film, graphics, sound, production, and animation. They have worked together for most of that time on various projects, including corporate videos, music videos, mixing for film, CD production, graphic design and web-based installations.

Rob-Portrait1Born in Montreal, Robert Jackson has spent the last twenty years working as a producer, shooter and editor, helping to hone the artistic vision of a number of young filmmakers and experienced producers. Working in both dramatic and documentary forms, Robert’s skills as an editor have enhanced productions from their inception through to the final stages of production. Recent projects include the docudrama series Masterminds, a look at infamous criminals and the “how did they do it?” behind their amazing crimes, as well as the series Betrayal, which featured the story of the development of a super gun for Saddam Hussein by a Canadian scientist. He was nominated for a Gemini Award in editing for the short film Something to Cry About. A graduate of Ryerson Film School and The Canadian Film centre, he has also collaborated on short films with Scott Smith and Jim Allodi.

Contact: rob@jh-video.com

Robert’s Other Projects:
: Pictureboy Productions

john-portrait1John-Marc Hamilton is a long-time music lover turned producer and engineer, and has subsequently built his own hybrid music recording studio to cater to his specific needs and style of sound. His background was originally in photography and graphic design, but he moved into database programming to quell his desires for more detailed work with scripting and application design. He has always has a passion for music and sound, and was even attempting multi-track recording using multiple tape decks when he was just a child. This desire for quality and substance drove him to create by hand a digital/analog studio that enables him to capture virtually any sound he desires and can help shape the musicians and instruments he works with. Always maintaining a love affair with photography, he returned to video with the advent of DV cameras and then stepped head-on into the fray with the first big push of HD cameras that were finally of acceptable quality.

Contact: john@jh-video.com

John-Marc’s Other Projects:
: Crave Music Studios
: xrays photography
: Big Fog Celtic Fusion
Follow John-Marc (a.k.a. ‘xrays’) on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/iamxrays

Recent Posts

Bert’s Last Waltz

On the evening of March 12th, 2011, a spectacular live show took place… Dubbed “Bert’s Last Waltz”, taking its name partly from the legendary live performance by The Band, this show was the culmination of more than five years in the making, featuring Bert Clarke on vocals and bass guitar, and gathering a plethora of musical guests that he had shared the stage with over his galvanizing Toronto musical experience.

YouTube live stream link: https://youtu.be/seWvW6seJck

This link will be your gateway to the live stream when it happens. Please check back on Saturday, April 25th, before 7pm EST so you don’t miss any of the fun!

The show was performed in a half-acoustic and half-electric format, with the volumes of instruments lending to the audience’s participation in some sing-along songs (i.e. the choruses of “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”) and allowing the details and nuances of other instruments to shine through. Throughout the night, performers approached the stage and gathered to perform their favourite and popular songs, all the while, Bert held the rhythm section tight, bouncing back and forth between his signature stand-up bass and electric bass.

Cinematographers: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Editors: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Sound & Mastering: Crave Music Studios

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