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Bert’s Last Waltz

On the evening of March 12th, 2011, a spectacular live show took place… Dubbed “Bert’s Last Waltz”, taking its name partly from the legendary live performance by The Band, this show was the culmination of more than five years in the making, featuring Bert Clarke on vocals and bass guitar, and gathering a plethora of musical guests that he had shared the stage with over his galvanizing Toronto musical experience.

YouTube live stream link:

This link will be your gateway to the live stream when it happens. Please check back on Saturday, April 25th, before 7pm EST so you don’t miss any of the fun!

The show was performed in a half-acoustic and half-electric format, with the volumes of instruments lending to the audience’s participation in some sing-along songs (i.e. the choruses of “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”) and allowing the details and nuances of other instruments to shine through. Throughout the night, performers approached the stage and gathered to perform their favourite and popular songs, all the while, Bert held the rhythm section tight, bouncing back and forth between his signature stand-up bass and electric bass.

Cinematographers: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Editors: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Sound & Mastering: Crave Music Studios

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