We have opted to go different routes when building our HD rigs, yet both allow us the flexibility to configure our rigs for each shoot depending on the specific needs of the day. From a complete mobile run-and-gun camera system allowing us the options to follow live action easily to trip-pod mounted and heavily outfitted for studio, these systems can do just about anything.

Our primary video systems work from the idea that modularity is key. The ability to add external batteries for long shooting times, multiple microphones (both wired and wireless) can assist in capturing the variety of sound details, and switching back and forth between off-camera monitoring solutions and EVF-style viewing allows increased options for tracking the event. Everything from simple hand-held devices right up to over-the-shoulder and full stabilized rigs, we are prepared for any situation.

7d-300x220Building around the revered Canon 7D as the core of our primary systems, we have added a collection of lenses to suit just about any need, from ultra-wide angle to high-power telephoto, and everything in-between, including some of the fastest glass available today. Because of this, we are able to capture amazing low-light ambience and high-speed motion visuals just as easily. The ability to change lenses easily, and the wide variety of options available, makes these cameras wonderful building blocks in the cinematographer’s arsenal.

LunarEclipse2010Indoor and low-light photography is accomplished typically by a selction of 24-35mm f1.4-f1.8 lenses (including Canon and Zeiss glass), which yield a beautiful warm image that is brighter than the human eye perceives. Outdoor long lenses range from the classic 70-200 f/2.8 glass right up to a 1000mm behemoth with the ability to bring remote objects right up close and personal.

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Bert’s Last Waltz

On the evening of March 12th, 2011, a spectacular live show took place… Dubbed “Bert’s Last Waltz”, taking its name partly from the legendary live performance by The Band, this show was the culmination of more than five years in the making, featuring Bert Clarke on vocals and bass guitar, and gathering a plethora of musical guests that he had shared the stage with over his galvanizing Toronto musical experience.

YouTube live stream link:

This link will be your gateway to the live stream when it happens. Please check back on Saturday, April 25th, before 7pm EST so you don’t miss any of the fun!

The show was performed in a half-acoustic and half-electric format, with the volumes of instruments lending to the audience’s participation in some sing-along songs (i.e. the choruses of “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”) and allowing the details and nuances of other instruments to shine through. Throughout the night, performers approached the stage and gathered to perform their favourite and popular songs, all the while, Bert held the rhythm section tight, bouncing back and forth between his signature stand-up bass and electric bass.

Cinematographers: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Editors: Robert Jackson & John-Marc Hamilton
Sound & Mastering: Crave Music Studios

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