Dave Sonic

In a tiny but intimate setting, the powerhouse rock & roll band Dave Sonic performed a rousing set of live music to the delight of the small but enthusiastic crowd at Lola’s in Kensington Market. These clips were shot with the Canon 7D and a 35mm f/2.0 lens, demonstrating the quality of video attainable even in extreme low light situations. The two songs (edits) shown here are “Stop Breaking Down” by Robert Johnson and “Lovin’ Cup”, by the Rolling Stones.
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GALR – Lost On The Bayou

This is one of our earlier collaborations using our new Canon 7D rigs, this was more a test of the gear than a full on music video shoot. However, the goal was to produce a live representation of the recorded track from Rory Sinclair’s new CD, “The World Through a Piper’s Fingers”, which included many classic tunes now featuring bagpipes. The performance was truly live, but we shot two cameras on two different passes during the evening, and edited the clips together to be more cohesive. Complications arose due to the timing differences between the live performance and the recorded track, which is why we kept most of the clips short and there are noticeable timing slips in places. Most notable, however, is the cutaway scenes where the bass player is playing stand-up bass in one shot and electric bass in the next – all in good fun for this test project, though.
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In The Hothouse

In this short artistic piece for BravoFact, directed by Annie Bradley, we were given the opportunity to work on this project from the beginning, from assisting in recording the live operatic audio track to video editing to final delivery. John-Marc was at the church to assist in recording the original track using an eight-track digital recorder to better allow us to edit the audio in the mix to suit the final edited video stream. Robert was given the task of editing the video performance in a very short 48hrs turnaround to provide the piece for premiere at Bravo. Continue reading

Yumi Bows

Originally contracted to create a how-to video exploring the ancient art of Japanese bow making, we spent two days filming Jaap Koppedrayer at his home studio where he demonstrated the art that he has learned and perfected over the years. The final product was edited down to a 45- minute piece and duplicated to VHS tapes for sale at arts & crafts fair and related expositions. Continue reading

Corporate Assets

Corporate Assets Inc. is an international auction, appraisal and asset management company with offices strategically located in both Canada and the United States. Specializing in the industrial market place, Corporate Assets Inc. has evolved into a leadership position, setting the standards for personal service, professionalism and results.

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